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Yet another Spinosaurus... by unlobogris
Yet another Spinosaurus...
A further exploration of my previous speculation of a "feathererd" back as camouflage to wander through swamps...

Updated feeties, arms and neck.

And yes... I know about the Papyrus... Just let them play the role of generic tall wetland plants... ;-)

Background composited from this  and this photo (Google searched, not mine). 
I'm not what you expect by unlobogris
I'm not what you expect
Jumping in the bandwagon of the latest news about Spinosaurus I have decided to update my version of this dinosaur.

Following the ideas of a shallow water wader, swimmer of mud-crawler living stiles, which seem to make some sense, I propose the idea of the elongated spines as base for a camouflage display. 

If the animal lived basically near the ground, fishing, lurking, swimming or crawling, the presence of a high back profile seems out of place. So, what if the spines were covered in fuzzy bristles that help to break the animal's profile? This would bring a resting or swimming Spinosaurus the aspect of a floating island of vegetal matter or just a bunch of riverine plants.


unlobogris's Profile Picture
Sergio Pérez
Current Residence: Earth
Shell of choice: Pecten, Haliotis, Dentalium...
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
  • Listening to: Welcome to Jurassic Park (John Williams)
  • Reading: research papers...
  • Watching: Jurassic Park
  • Playing: JP: Operation Genesis
I've been tagged by :icondraco-saurian:, and finally get some free time to come into doing this.


1. Post these rules.

2. Each tagged person should post 8 facts of themselves.

3. Tagged people should write a journal/blog about these facts.

4. In the end, tag and name 8 people.

5. Go to their dA pages and comment saying that they are tagged.

6. You may change the rules above to reflect your quirkiness but keep the spirit of the meme.

Let's go...

1) When I was 4 years old, I was attacked by a peacock. The reason: I just go too close to it, in order to "see it better, like in the documentaries"

2) I'm studying Biology (3rd year, waiting to specialise in Zoology), and I'm extremely happy with the career; but my interest in paleontology made me almost take Geology as career, before entering in the university.

3) The first word I learned to read was "Hypacrosaurus", when I was 3, in a dinosaur's book.

4) I like stormy days, with big dark clouds, but before starting to rain.

5) If I have to choose an animal group to research about, and it couldn't be the tetrapods, I'd choose Ctenophorans. They're amazing!

6) I'm from the "Jurassic Park" generation, but I meet dinosaurs BEFORE the film, in a TV advertisement of a dinosaur collection (2 years old and marked for all life :-P) (and I still remember it really well)

7) Now in May, there is one year since the first time I dig in a fossilsite (now, I'm digging in my 3rd campaing, and lovin' it! :-D)

8) I have tried several times to go on with a "Quenya course in 20 lessons", and I learned to write in tengwar and to say some things, but never passed from lesson 15 :-S
Also, I can read/write kinda fluently in the dwarves moon runes from the map in "The Hobbit"

Extra: At now, I have pets: 20 Roborovski hamsters (the parents plus 3 waves of offsprings...) and several hundreds of copepods, protozoans, microscopic algae, amoeba, diatoms, etc... (from the water of a pond, which I had to keep for practises of Protistology... now the practises are off, but I kept the litte pot with all its life :-D)

Now, I'll tag ...:
:iconrsnascimento:, :iconsporething:, :iconpakozoic:, :iconmunenmusho:, :iconjelsin:, :iconpalombi:, :iconlittle-al:, :iconpaleoaeolos:

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